March 1, 2023

Players and Cheerleaders are invited to a Recognition Day Event in their respective Shrine Temple areas. Participants are asked to invite their coach, parents and any others that would like to attend. This is an important meeting to learn more about the Shrine, Shriners Children’s, Camp Activities and the Game. Meal will be provided. Media is encouraged to attend.

March 1 6:30p.m. – Recognition Day Za Ga Zig – Altoona

March 7 6:30p.m. – Recognition Day Abu Bekr – Sioux City

March 8 6:30p.m. – Recognition Day Abu Bekr – Spencer

March 21 12:00p.m. – Recognition Day Kaaba – Davenport

April 1 12:00p.m. – Recognition Day El Kahir – Hiawatha